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Stop right now


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Hola! Welcome to my world, hope you will enjoy my news, stories and struggles 😀

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It is me again!!

Hello, I have a question for you guys.. I think you saw my movie and PiCs already so therefore I want to start a poll. Right here right now:D. What do you think of my favourite tv shows; The Gilmore Girls and Grey’s Anatomy??? I think these shows are the best ones ever made!!! Write a response like I agree because… or I don’t agree (then you better be quiet:P) no just kidding…

Looking forward hearing something…anything:)

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First post :)

my name is Valdivia.This is my blog, started as an Web skills assignment. Maby not very interresting for the rest of the world, but you know, I have to do something in my spare time:P I have edit a few blogrolls of my friends from school. So you can visit there sites. I would say, have fun! I will edit some interesting posts so that you can respond to them..

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